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Quality Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

These fun high school fundraiser ideas are for all those parents who’d pay a small fortune to get their kids to look up from their phone for 10 minutes—though we bet those same parents could use less screentime, too. Make going screen-free a family sacrifice that pays off by soliciting […]

Raffle Fundraising Guide With Rick

Fundraising can be a energetic plus important element of altruistic companies, non-profits, besides other group initiatives. It takes on some sort of crucial function inside bringing up cash with regard to a variety of triggers, coming from helping scientific research for you to delivering problems pain relief, plus making certain […]

Check A Raffle Giveaways Fundraiser

Fundraiser is really a powerful plus vital component of not-for-profit businesses, non-profits, and various local community initiatives. Them represents the crucial purpose around elevating finances regarding a number of causes, through encouraging scientific research so that you can delivering devastation reduction, plus guaranteeing admission to education. In the following paragraphs, […]

Friends of NRA: Advocating for Safe and Responsible Firearm Use

The Friends of NRA Foundation is a group that helps the National Rifle Association (NRA). To raise money for different programs, the group holds several fundraisers. These fundraisers help spread information about guns, ensure gun safety, and keep shooting sports alive. The funds collected Friends of NRA to local, state, […]


Discount Cards A discount card fundraiser is a great way for your school to offer a very valuable product to your friends, family, and other supporters. Here’s how it works: 1.            Partner with a discount card provider, like ABC Fundraising, that has exclusive offers with popular national merchants and local […]

Who That Give Donations for Raffles

  Companies willing to Donate Raffle Prizes Raffles is an engaging and effective way to raise money for your nonprofit organization. One way to support your organization’s mission, increase outreach, and raise funds is by looking into companies that give donations for raffles. The Best Fundraising Raffle Ideas Before you […]